The right motocross bike will offer the first sensations to a beginner who is passionate about motorcycling.

To be sure to choose the right off-road bike to start out on cross-country, a set of criteria must be studied beforehand. The number of cylinders of the vehicle or the operation of its engine are among the elements to be taken into account.

A two-stroke or four-stroke engine?

This choice refers to the design of the engine and the sensations it will offer. In order to function, it is essential that the air and petrol mixture takes place. The engine cycle goes through four stages: intake, compression, explosion and exhaust. 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines do not work in the same way. The cycle is different for each of them since the 2-stroke model will do a single cycle while the 4-stroke will need to repeat itself twice consecutively to run the engine.

The 2-stroke engine is sharper and more nervous and often much more agile. It also offers more simplicity in the mechanics, perfect for beginners. Moreover, 2-stroke motocross bikes are generally less expensive than 4-stroke models, there are many of them on the second-hand market. A good point when you start cross-country.

Lack of off-road experience can lead novices to opt for a 4-stroke, as its more powerful engine will go uphill without any problem. However, you will have to anticipate the strength of the machine before making this choice.

Which engine size to choose?

The engine size must be chosen according to its size. It is essential that the driver uses a model that he is able to lift and handle. Smaller sizes will turn to 125cc, which will allow them to avoid flagging behind a model with too much power. The large cylinders are reserved for people with a larger stature in order to carry the weight of the bike.

Please note that from 16 years of age, all cylinders can be used on a cross-country circuit.

A used or new motocross bike?

The budget is obviously a criterion of choice when buying a motocross bike. A biker who simply wants to learn about this discipline can start with a used one before investing in a new one. However, remember to take a good look at the general condition of the motorcycle and check the engine, the condition of the chain kit, the bearings, etc. A vehicle that has been poorly maintained in the past could turn out to be much more expensive than it looks at first.

For those with more experience or a larger budget, a new model may be more suitable for their engine requirements.

The difference between motocross and enduro

Although the two models are often confused, they nevertheless have important differences.

The motocross bike is only for use on a cross-country terrain. It is not homologated. This type of motorcycle cannot be used on the road and must therefore be transported by trailer or truck. On the other hand, its tires are more adapted to this sport discipline since they only meet one need.

An enduro motorcycle can be used on any type of road. Equipped with a license plate, headlights and turn signals, this motorcycle is approved for riding in traffic conditions. It is therefore necessary to hold a motorcycle licence in order to use it on the road.

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